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The title of the book, “The Yoga of Wisdom (Bhagavad Gita)”, comes from Sivananda's translation..

The title of the book, “The Yoga of Wisdom (Bhagavad Gita)”, comes from Swami Sivananda's translation of the title of Chapter IV of the Gita, translated by Gandhi as “The Yoga of Knowledge, Action and Renunciation” (Jnana-Karma-Sannyasa-Yoga).

Libro Bhagavad Gita (Yoga de la Sabiduría, Gandhi, Sivananda) Pedro Nonell

In the center, in red, is OM: Brahman in a single syllable represents the universe, the union with the Lord. Aum is the primal sound from which all others are born, the basis of all mantras. Rooted in Brahman, the inverted Ashvattha tree descends:

«...With the root above and branches below, the Ashvattha tree, they say, is impossible... Above all and below its branches spread, blossoming because of the gunas, having for their shoots the sense-objects; deep down in the world of men are ramified its roots, in the shape of the consequences of action» Bhagavad Gita XV 1-3.

Ashvattha, starting from the Absolute Reality, penetrates inside the yogi, seated in Padmasana (lotus position), and inside the earth. The trunk of the tree represents any of the paths of yoga that man can fol-low to reach God, all of them valid.

Pedro Nonell: One of the shlokas that I am most passionate is Bhagavad Gita IV 7-8

To simplify the design, a small symbol of AUM has been omitted, which should be the heart of man, representing another of the key teachings of the Bhagavad Gita: “God is inside all of us”.

Telugu recognition Pedro Nonell translation Bhagavad Gita

Pedro Nonell (Founder of Gita Institute).

Translation of the Bhagavad Gita into Spanish.

Español Portada del libro.

Interview (Video in Spanish):
Entrevista de la periodista Alexandra Di Stefano a Pedro Nonell sobre el Bhagavad Gita

Pedro Nonell: facilitate access to knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita

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