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One verse of the Bhagavad Gita and a reflection from Swami Vivekananda about Bhakti Yoga (Video)

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Video by Pedro Nonell about Bhakti Yoga (Bhagavad Gita and Swami Vivekananda)

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Good afternoon, Namaste!

I am also still in this magnificent sanctuary of Scala Dei of the Cartoixa, “Scala Dei” means staircase of God and we are making a beautiful visit.

We are in what was the interior of a monks” cell so you can see the austerity in which they lived. I wanted to read you a couple of verses from the Bhagavad Gita because I think they define the essence of Bhakti Yoga very well, they are in my book “The Yoga of Wisdom”. In chapter XII- The Yoga of Devotion (Bhakti Yoga), in verse number 14 we read:

He who is content, devoted to yoga, self-disciplined, that devotee (Bhakta) of Mine is loved by Me. Bhagavad Gita XII-14

«He who is content, devoted to yoga, self-disciplined, that devotee (Bhakta) of Mine is loved by Me» Bhagavad Gita XII-14.

In addition, the four main Paths of Yoga are perfectly defined

And now, although it is a little long, I will read you some reflections from Swami Vivekananda, which I believe will help us perfectly understand what the Bhakti path is. In his own words:

«Bhakti Yoga, or worship or love, in one form or another is the easiest, most pleasant and natural form of man. The natural state of this universe is attraction; and that is surely followed by a final disunity. Still, love is the natural impetus for union in the human heart; and although in itself a great cause of misery, properly directed towards the proper object, it brings liberation. The object of Bhakti is God. Love cannot exist without subject and object. Again, the object of love must initially be a being who can reciprocate our love. Therefore, the God of love must be in some sense a human God. He must be a God of love. Apart from the question of whether such a God exists or not, it is a fact that to those who have love in their hearts, this Absolute appears as a God of love, as personal» Swami Vivekananda.

And I think this defines very well what this path is, the Yoga of Devotion, and I think that this place is special, I tell you that we are in a cell, and it transmits that connection with God, whatever you call it: God, Allah or Brahman.

Thank you very much, Namaste!

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