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Yoga of Royal Knowledge

The Yoga of Royal and Discriminatory Knowledge (Rajavidya-rajaguhya) Gita IX (Gandhi)

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Chapter IX: The Yoga of Royal and Discriminatory Knowledge (Rajavidya-rajaguhya) of the Bhagavad Gita.

Bhagavad Gita XI-55 crucial verse: contains the different yogas

Bhagavad Gita in Spanish Yoga del Conocimiento Real y Discriminatorio Bhagavad Gita in Portuguese Ioga do Conhecimento Real e Discriminatório.

Bhagavad Gita: Outline of Chapter IX- Yoga of Royal and Discriminatory Knowledge

Chapter IX of the Bhagavad Gita: Yoga Royal Knowledge

Where to look for Knowledge? /Jnana Yoga Bhagavad Gita IX-9

Fifteen first verses of this chapter of the Bhagavad Gita (Yoga Philosophy)

The Lord said:

1. Now I will declare to you, to you who do not censure, this mysterious knowledge, together with the discriminatory knowledge, knowing them you will be freed from evil.

2. (Brahmajnana) It is the sovereign science, the sovereign mystery, and the supreme purifier. It is perceived by direct experience, it accords with Dharma, it is easy to practice, and it is imperishable.

Bhagavad Gita IX-2 Knowledge: King of Sciences, Philosophy, essence of Dharma

3. Men who do not have faith in this doctrine, O Parantapa, far from coming to Me, return again and again to the path of the world of death.

4. This entire world is permeated by Me, unmanifested in My form, all beings are in Me, I am not in them.

5. And yet, these beings are not in Me. That is indeed My only power as Lord! I sustain all beings, I am not in them; My Being brings them into existence.

6. Just as the powerful wind that moves everywhere is always contained in the ether, yet I know that all beings are contained in Me.

7. All beings, O Kaunteya, merge into My Prakriti, at the end of a Kalpa, and I again give them life when a kalpa begins.

8. Turning to My Prakriti, I send again and again this multitude of beings, powerless under the dominion of Prakriti.

9. But all this activity, O Dhananjaya, does not bind Me, remaining indifferent, without I being tied to it.

10. With Me as the Presiding Witness of all, Prakriti gives birth to everything that moves and does not move; and that is why, O Kaunteya, the wheel of the world continues to work.

11. By not knowing My transcendent nature as the sovereign Lord of all beings, fools condemn Me incarnated as a man.

12. Vain are the hopes, actions and knowledge of those fools who have resorted to the deceitful nature of monsters and demons.

13. But those great souls who turn to the divine nature, O Partha, Know Me as the imperishable source of all beings and worship Me with an unbroken mind.

14. Always declaring My glory, striving with firm faith, They pay Me devout homage; always united to Me, they adore Me.

15. However, others worship Me with the sacrifice of knowledge, who must be seen everywhere, as one, as different or as many.

The rest of the verses are in the Courses and in the Book The Yoga of Wisdom: Bhagavad Gita

Thus ends the ninth chapter entitled Rajavidya-rajaguhya Yoga.

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